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8/1/2019 - 9:30 AM  
4.1 Measure J Bond Program Contract Amendments/Change Order Ratification  
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Contract Amendments-Change Order Ratification 08-01-19.pdf
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Staff is bringing a recommendation forward for Board of Trustees' approval of Contract Amendments and Contract Change Order for a Measure J Bond Program contract that has been previously approved.  
During the process of completing projects within a large scale Bond Program such as Measure J, the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District will enter into many contracts, service agreements, and lease agreements. These contracts are required to be, and have been, approved or ratified by our Board of Trustees. As projects progress, contract amendments, or change orders, are often required for a variety of reasons, and are routine occurrences. These changes are most often authorized at an administrative level so as not to delay the project, and then periodically brought forth to our Board for ratification. This best management practice helps to keep our Board informed of any changes to the scope and cost beyond or below the original contract. This process also serves to provide transparency in the project documentation. The contract amendments and change order presented are within the project budget and do not require an increase to overall projected costs.  
On November 14, 2017, our Board of Trustees approved the contract with Schultz Industries, Inc., dba Sturdisteel Company for the Granada High School and Livermore High School Stadium Improvements Projects - Increment 2. Included in this item is a change order for that contract. These change order costs are included in the project budget.

Attached to this item is a roster of the changes.
Fiscal Impact:
Costs associated with change orders are funded by Measure J.  
Superintendent's Recommendation
The Superintendent's recommendation is that our Board of Trustees approve the Contract Amendments/Change Order Ratification.  
Recommended By:
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Kim McNeely - Bond Program Director
Signed By:  
Kelly Bowers, Ed.D. - Superintendent