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Meeting Date: 4/16/2019 - 7:00 PM
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Subject: 9.2 Preparing Students for College and Career Readiness: 2018-19 Career Technical Education (CTE)
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Quick Summary / Abstract: Staff will provide an update on Career Technical Education (CTE).
Background: The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) is committed to preparing students for success in the 21st Century and upholding our mission to ensure all students graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world. Our District offers TK-12 standards-aligned project-based learning opportunities to best prepare students for success. These learning opportunities integrate 21st Century skills into the classroom, providing students with the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and be creative. These opportunities occur across all content and elective classes, including Career Technical Education (CTE) classes where students apply their content area knowledge to engage in real-world problem solving and exploration.

Our District’s CTE work is guided by the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards, which are mapped and aligned to the California State Standards. Similar to the structure of the Standards, the CTE Model Curriculum Standards incorporate Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels in the “Beyond Knowledge Construct” resource included within the document. This document provides educators with the breakdown of the knowledge and performance tasks needed to master the factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive levels.

Aligning courses to the CTE Model Curriculum Standards, along with the expansion of CTE-related opportunities, will enrich opportunities for students across the grade levels. The similar structure and frame of the CTE Model Curriculum Standards mirror the Standards and emphasize that it is a shared responsibility of all teachers to implement the shifts of the California Standards and engage students in real-world, project-based opportunities to best prepare students to thrive in a global economy.
Status LVJUSD offers students the opportunity to participate in career-focused learning across the grade levels. Teachers are committed to bringing real-world relevancy into the classroom. This includes bringing guest speakers to our students, participating in field trips, career-related projects, earning internships/externships, and more. Additionally, students are able to engage in courses aligned to the State’s identified pathways. This year, LVJUSD student participation in CTE pathways and TVROP courses has increased, which truly benefits our students by preparing them with real-world experiences.

Our District offers twelve of the fifteen industry sectors and our unique partnership with the TVROP expands this to ensure LVJUSD students can participate in all of the industry sectors. Our high schools host many of the CTE courses. If a course is not offered at a student’s current high school, the student may concurrently enroll in the other comprehensive high school in order to participate in the desired class. This opportunity not only applies within our District but also extends to our partner districts, Dublin and Pleasanton, where additional TVROP courses are offered. With the introduction of telepresence within all three districts and TVROP, students are able to virtually participate in a concurrent course while remaining on their school site. This option addresses the equity of access aspect so that students may participate in any course offering.

TVROP courses are college and career preparation courses designed to provide students the opportunity to earn UC a-g approval, college credit units, and certifications. The newest TVROP course offered this spring is the Fire Science Technology course offered at our Livermore Adult School. This course complements the Public Safety Academy at Las Positas College. TVROP courses support students moving to the “prepared” level on the State’s College and Career Readiness Indicator (CCRI).

LVJUSD offers an extensive list of programs which include: Agricultural Science, Green Engineering Academy (GEA), Engineering Pathway, Biotechnology Pathway, Culinary Academy, and Computer Science Pathway. All of these pathways and programs offer project-based learning and extend opportunities for students. Last year’s addition of a Cisco Networking course has been gaining momentum and preparing our students for the workforce in Computer Science related careers.
Fiscal Impact Professional development, supplemental materials, and staffing are funded through the Local Control Funding Formula, designated Federal categorical dollars, and State and local grants.
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