Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 12/10/2019 - 7:00 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 13.10 New Job Description - Aquatics Coordinator
Attachment Summary: DRAFT_Aquatics Coordinator
File Attachment:
DRAFT_Aquatics Coordinator_12.10.19.pdf
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Background: In order to safeguard students who participate in aquatics activities and programs, our District has developed a new job description for the position of Aquatics Coordinator.

The proposed Aquatics Coordinator position will provide planning and oversight for the staff, operations, and activities of our aquatics facilities and programs, and ensure proper maintenance of the facilities. If approved, this position will be placed at Range 15 on our Classified Managers/Confidentials (CM/C) Salary Schedule.
Fiscal Impact The salary for Aquatics Coordinator will be paid out of the General Fund.
Superintendent's Recommendation: Approve the job description for Aquatics Coordinator.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Michelle Hill-Gerow - Confidential Secretary
Signed By:
Melissa Theide - Director
Signed By:
Kelly Bowers, Ed.D. - Superintendent
Vote Results:

Original Motion
Member Chuck Rogge Moved, Member Emily Prusso seconded to approve the Original motion 'Approve the job description for Aquatics Coordinator.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 5 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 5 - 0
Craig Bueno     Yes
Chuck Rogge     Yes
Chris Wenzel     Yes
Anne White     Yes
Emily Prusso     Yes